About Us

My name is Rika Morisaki and I want to welcome you to my website.

I am Japanese and living in Tokyo. I am a graduate of the renowned Sophia University.

Sophia University is one of the English speaking universities in Japan. I was fortunate to learn English and Portuguese.

Throughout my career, I have been successfully employed within the local government network. Japanese bureaucracy can be daunting and confusing. I am here to offer my support and expertise for all your needs as a business starter, expat and your families.

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私どもBENRIYAは個々のニーズに応じてきめ細やかな対応を心がけておりますので なんでもご質問ください。同行通訳、その他のかたちで日本での生活がより快適なものとなるようお手伝いさせていただきます。

Interpreting Services

I will also coach you on Japanese business etiquette.

I can accompany you to the city office and help you set up such as setting up your pension plan (if applicable), your health insurance all your residency paperwork and any other needs you may have to fulfill at that office.

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Translation Services

I can offer you translation of documents in English, Portuguese and Japanese.

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Teaching Japanese

If anyone asks you any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to assist you. Please inquire.

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Our Clients


IHS, inc

TESTIMONY from Derek Vasconi, author of KAI

Rika san made herself available to me for a translation job the last time I visited Tokyo. I was desperate and looking for somebody last minute and Rika san came through for me. We met and I have to tell you, she honestly is one of the nicest and most professional translators I have EVER worked with! I needed to do an interview with a subject for a book I'm writing, and Rika san was able to very clearly convey to me everything that was being said by the subject. I understood perfectly, in fact, what I needed to know from the subject, and I couldn't have understood at such a high level if it weren't for Rika san's amazing translation skills. However, what I enjoyed the most in working with Rika san was how much she was able to help me feel so welcome during my stay in Tokyo. She was very patient with me when I couldn't find the right train stop entrance to meet her at, and she was very flexible with her times when she could meet me. That is the definition of true professionalism to me. I highly recommend Rika san to ANYONE who is visiting Japan and needs a translator. She is the best!

-Derek Vasconi, author of KAI, the best selling Japanese horror book

TESTIMONY from Denis Catroun CEO of IHS,Inc.

To whom it may concern,

I have been working with Ms. Rika Morisaki and her company for over 9 months.
During that time, she has shown great enthusiasm, skills and abilities. She has outstanding organizational skills and has singlehandedly done all my translations for my website and other documents professionally and always in a timely manner.
Furthermore, she has provided great advice on Japanese business etiquette saving me from embarrassment on several occasions.
Ms. Morisaki is also quite adept at doing research and producing usable results. Her knowledge of government bureaucracy and procedures has been quite helpful.
I strongly recommend her to anyone who seeks assistance for their business be it established or a start up.
Sincerely yours,

Denis Catroun, BA, CHS, CFM, CFBE, DMATP, MA
International Hospitality Solutions, Inc.
Home of the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute in Japan